SEEPORT Studiomixer

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The ergonomics of Seeport has been designed with great thought to application. A high functional level is incorporated into a compact yet uncluttered user surface, preserving a logical, 'easy-to-use' feel.

Seeport is available in two versions - Seeport 2 has two outputs and 8, 12 or 16 inputs. Seeport 4 has 4 outputs and 7, 11 or 15 inputs.

The two versions are similar in functionality in many respects. Common features include:

The major differences between the two versions lie in the MS coding functions and in the various monitoring possibilities. Monitoring needs vary with different applications and considerable flexibility has been built into the mixers to cover these needs. This is achieved via a multitude of jumper settings, where dim, mute and split feed configurtions are definable. Jumpers are also used to determine aux send points, cue bus activation, pfl control and more.

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