SEELECT Studiomixer

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One of the major design criteria of Seelect has been to make operation simple and intuitive. The clearly designed user and control surfaces allow even the least technical of operators to work freely and unhindered.

The system comprises 4 hardware elements - the user surface, the control panel unit, the audio rack and a screen monitor. The audio rack handles all audio processing and the screen displays all necessary information such as metering, clocks, messages, etc. The user surface contains all essential controls needed for on-air use whilst all other controls are accessed on the control panel unit. These controls are assignable to any fader and include source selection, eq, gain, balance, aux and cleanfeed adjustments, loudspeaker and headphone monitoring levels and access to user setups. The 4 units can be placed freely in relation to each other with virtually no restrictions, allowing optimal ergonomic positioning.

The user surface can be supplied with between 4 and 14 input faders. Each fader can be assigned to any of the max. 44 available inputs.

Computer control enables many additional features to be included that ease operation and help minimise mistakes. Further, the system is configurable in many ways via comprehensive setup menus, both at user and super-user, enabling different  modes of operation to be defined.

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